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From start to growth; we've got a wide range of services to support your business at every stage.

Banki Kuri Murandasi (GeNS)

Get alerts on all transactions on your account. Via email, SMS or both; the choice is yours!


Pay for school fees and other bills on a safe and convenient platform.

Security Token


Banker's Acceptances

Gutanga Sheki

Keep tight control over cash outflow while maintaining strong vendor relationships.

Funds & Portfolio Management

Investment in money market instruments and other suitable outlets via Bonds, Treasury Bills.

Loan Syndication

Structuring credit facilities to meet our customers specific business needs and adding significant value to their businesses.

Money Market Instruments

Kohereza Amadovize

Ingoboka Mu Bucuruzi

GTBusiness Loans (Inguzanyo Mu Bucuruzi)

Invoice Discounting

Trade Finance

Asset Financing

GTBank Automated Payment System (GAPS)

A web-based solution that facilitates the processing of payments in batches using a secure internet connection.

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