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Guaranty Trust Bank (Rwanda) plc provides financial advisory services, helping to create value for you and your business.

Émission De Chèques En Devises Étrangères


Fonds En Transit

Transfert D'argent MoneyGram

Services De Transfert D'argent

Receive all your money transfers at any GTBank branch nationwide.

Ria Money Transfer

Bons Du Trésor

Western Union Money Transfer

Transfert De Devises Étrangères

e-Banking Services


Banque 600

Banque Sur Internet

Secure Token

Système De Notification Électronique (GeNS)

Transfert D'argent De Guaranty Trust (GTMT) (GTMT)

Africa Just Got Smaller – Transfer money with ease and speed

Relevé Par Courrier Électronique

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