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Rédaction De Chéques

Keep tight control over cash outflow while maintaining strong vendor relationships.

Gestion de fonds et de portefeuille

Investment in money market instruments and other suitable outlets via Bonds, Treasury Bills.

Syndication De Prêt

Structuring credit facilities to meet our customers specific business needs and adding significant value to their businesses.

Dépôts À Terme

Get interest on deposits for specified tenors ranging from 30, 60, 90 to 180 days.

Conseil Financier

We offer sound financial advisory services to customers.

Synergie Clientèle

Creating a symbiotic and enabling relationship amongst customers for ease of transaction.

Gestion Des Comptes D’entreprise

Manage your business finances with confidence and control.


Whether it is facilitating your travels or handling your transactions, our Corporate Cards are the perfect companion for your business.

GTBank Carte De Débit RWF MasterCard

La Carte GTBank RWF Debit Corporate Mastercard

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