Debit Corporate MasterCard issued in partnership with MasterCard Worldwide and directly linked to the company's account and is provided the employees to be used in payment of approved business-related expenses, most often travel-related. Usually issued in the company's name along with cardholder name. It is denominated in RWF, but can be used for ATM cash withdrawals and also to settle purchases/payments via POS terminals and Online anywhere in the world.

It is accepted both locally and internationally. The GTBank RWF Debit Corporate MasterCard card is linked online, real-time to your Current or Savings account.

Key Features

  • World-wide acceptance
  • 24/7 access to your funds.
  • Secure and affordable
  • *On ATM, POS and Online transactions.


  • Multi-purpose spending companion – Your GTBank RWF Debit Corporate MasterCard is capable of making all forms of transactions (cash withdrawals, payments and purchases) in Rwanda and abroad across all channels (ATM, POS, Online).
  • Accommodation Fees: You can cover accommodation locally via the Hotel or Restaurant payment portal on website or in person using the merchant’s POS terminal.
  • Shopping Online: With your card, you no longer have to wait until you travel to shop. You can now do so at many international websites that offer delivery to Rwanda such as E-Bay, Amazon, AliExpress, and many more.
  • Safety - Your card eliminates the risk and inconvenience of carrying cash and has security features such as Chip and PIN technology which guards against unauthorized transactions. The card also uses Card Secure which is an additional verification feature for web (online) transactions. Please visit for a guide on how to register for this service.
  • The card is valid for 3 years


Issued to all Guaranty Trust Bank account holders whose companies have requested the issuance of Debit Corporate MasterCard.

Transaction Limits

  • Local ATM daily withdrawals: RWF1,000,000
  • Local POS & Online daily transactions: RWF1,000,000
  • ATM daily withdrawal Abroad: RWF1,000,000
  • International ATM, POS & Online monthly transactions: RWF1,000,000

N/B: Please note that a charge of RWF2,500 applies for every cash withdrawal on ATMs abroad while POS and online transactions are free.

All transactions done using the Corporate Debit MasterCard are reflected on the account instantly.

Card request fee is USD50 and it has a default limit of RWF1,000,000 for ATM withdraw and RWF1,000,000 for online payment. The motioned limit can be increased upon customer request.