Savings & Investment Accounts

Save tomorrow today, with our high interest and low charges savings and investment accounts.

Savings Account

Earn attractive interest on your daily balance.

GTCrea8 Student Account

Our GTCrea8 e-savers is your first step towards financial independence.

Smart Kids Save (SKS)

Setup a savings plan for your child whilst also developing a savings culture in them.

Fixed & Tenured Deposits

Save Tomorrow, Today.

Instant Account

Save and earn with little documentation

Current Accounts

Much more than cheques and balances; our current account packages provide you with innovative ways to manage your money while offering you the superior banking experience for which we are renowned.

Current Account

This account allows you issue cheques and perform high volume transactions.

Domiciliary Account

Make foreign currency transactions conveniently from the comfort of your home.

Seniors Account

Senior citizens bank for free.

Compare Accounts

Select up to 3 accounts to compare