• Balance inquiry
  • Online bank statements and ability to export as excel or PDF
  • Transaction tracking
  • RSSB payment
  • Water bill payment
  • Bulk Airtime payment
  • Change password/ Secret question
  • Bulk payment transfers ( To all banks in Rwanda)
  • Single payment transfers
  • Reports

Value Proposition

  • Eliminates manual production of cheques
  • Gives instant value to beneficiaries base on country payment infrastructure
  • Improves openness and flexibility of payments
  • Increases internal efficiency of organization
  • Eliminates fraud
  • Free operations personnel and supporting resources/infrastructure from the salary / vendor / Benefits payment value chain, thereby eliminating cost of staffing, resources and rework from possible errors
  • Reduces general overhead costs associated with making payments
  • Robust reports for easy transaction reconciliation and settlement
  • Approvals for payments can be done from anywhere in the world regardless of the location of any authorized signatory

GAPS is an acronym for Guaranty Trust Bank Automated Payment Systems. It is GTBank‘s Corporate Internet Banking service which gives corporate customers secure access to their transactions and accounts 24/7.

To register for GAPS, visit the Online Banking for Business widget on the website and click on the register button.

A board resolution will be required to effect the change.

All intra-bank transactions are online and real time.

Intra-Bank transfers are online real-time. Inter-bank transactions via NEFT will be received same day by the beneficiary if initiated before 12 pm. Otherwise it will be received next day.

Transfer limit is defined by the customer and assigned to users.

GAPS is a web-based application and therefore requires only internet connectivity, the user’s log-in details and a security token.

Yes! Receipts can be generated using the ‘Generate Receipt’ function in the Vendor/Client Mgt menu on GAPS.

Yes! GAPS times out after 10mins of inactivity.

Yes! The schedules can be declined by a reviewer or an approver. Batches that are pending or waiting to be
processed can also be cancelled by an approver.

Note: Processed batches cannot be cancelled

Email Alerts are sent to registered beneficiaries. The e-mails state the Payer's name and the remarks specified by the Payer.

GAPS allows customers to attach document to each transaction. These documents are currently not sent by e-mail to the beneficiaries